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Help The Photographer help you!

Congratulations! After painstaking research, you've finally decided on a photographer for your wedding. Yes, everyone knows the most important vendor for that day is the…ahem…photographer, and you, my dear, have bagged one of the best in the craft. He/She has a brilliant track record and is surely going to make a big success of your wedding coverage. However your work is not yet complete.

Below are a few wedding-day aspects where your input will help your photographer give you the best. For the sake of this article we shall refer to the photographer as…well…The Photographer. 
It will be easier to ensure all of the following if you hire a competent wedding planner/coordinator…because it’s better that you focus on enjoying your special day than the size of the portions served for example.

1) Help The Photographer make sure that there’s enough time for portraits after you've dressed up.
It is usually a good idea to have a portrait session while your makeup is still fres…