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I Heard the Birds for Myself Today!

the birds woke me up this morning.

i got to find out that they quite literally 'mouth' the words tweet, tweet, tweet. to be technically strict, it's actually twee, twee, twee.

that got me thinking of the onomatopoeia (yes i looked it up) that have been handed over to us in english class.
we're told that cocks crow cock-a-doodle-doo, but where i grew up, the cocks went kukurookoo.
there are so many examples:

our bells didn't go ding dong, they went gbagaun
our car horns didn't go beep beep, nor did they go honk honk, but rather went peen peen
our frogs didn't go ribbit when they were horny, well not the ones down my street, those simply said dide (prounounced like d-day and has a similar meaning ie get up, it's time)
our goats prefered mehh to baa. i remember a day in boarding house a group of us called out mehh to a herd of goats. and continued walking on. one of us then said, what if mehh means 'chase us'? we laughed it off only for us, a few moments …

You're right! It's totally unfair...but...

I hear you bro. You've paid your dues over the years, you've watched your step, you've stayed ahead of the game. By your sweat and blood you've hard-earned the right to a good name and good credit...and now you're being asked to throw away your hard earned savings to bailout some bozo who's reckless, irresponsible, outdated behavior landed him in the mess he finds himself.
I hear you asking why in the world you have to compromise your hard earned yet fragile economic right-standing for the sake of someone who doesn't even deserve it.

The answers are pretty simple...(ok maybe not pretty or simple...they never are and may never ever be)...

1. You don't have to be reckless, irresponsible, and outdated before you find yourself in a mess: anyone could find themselves in a mess.
2. He desperately needs your help: if you don't help him who will?
3. You are interconnected: if he goes down, he drags you down with him.

Of course, it's your responsibility to ens…

Coming soon: the new lean mean economy

one thing i'm sure of is that the recession will get us off our butts and to thinking more about ways to improve our lives/innovate/advance/not merely survive/etc.

yes there will always be the occasional serendipity, but many of man's accomplishments will have to be attributed to constantly/persistently/thomas edisonly/etc applying himself to solving a particular problem. and nothing get's man to apply himself more earnestly than pressure.

some things we've taken for granted/gotten accustomed to/not bothered to change cos they...well...worked.../etc will have to be replaced.

the economy may still get worse yet...but it will emerge leaner (after shedding redundant weight) and more efficient.

you won't get away with inefficiency for long...cos the recession is coming to gitchya!