Coming soon: the new lean mean economy

one thing i'm sure of is that the recession will get us off our butts and to thinking more about ways to improve our lives/innovate/advance/not merely survive/etc.

yes there will always be the occasional serendipity, but many of man's accomplishments will have to be attributed to constantly/persistently/thomas edisonly/etc applying himself to solving a particular problem. and nothing get's man to apply himself more earnestly than pressure.

some things we've taken for granted/gotten accustomed to/not bothered to change cos they...well...worked.../etc will have to be replaced.

the economy may still get worse yet...but it will emerge leaner (after shedding redundant weight) and more efficient.

you won't get away with inefficiency for long...cos the recession is coming to gitchya!



  1. He he Wale on the words run,cool blog, cheers


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