You're right! It's totally unfair...but...

I hear you bro. You've paid your dues over the years, you've watched your step, you've stayed ahead of the game. By your sweat and blood you've hard-earned the right to a good name and good credit...and now you're being asked to throw away your hard earned savings to bailout some bozo who's reckless, irresponsible, outdated behavior landed him in the mess he finds himself.
I hear you asking why in the world you have to compromise your hard earned yet fragile economic right-standing for the sake of someone who doesn't even deserve it.

The answers are pretty simple...(ok maybe not pretty or simple...they never are and may never ever be)...

1. You don't have to be reckless, irresponsible, and outdated before you find yourself in a mess: anyone could find themselves in a mess.
2. He desperately needs your help: if you don't help him who will?
3. You are interconnected: if he goes down, he drags you down with him.

Of course, it's your responsibility to ensure that he does not go back to the sloppy behavior that landed him in the mess in the first place.
He has to be willing to change his ways. Even if he 'hasn't done anything wrong, he has to acknowledge that the things he hasn't been doing wrong, haven't exactly worked out for him.

Finally bro...don't look the other way, put some heart in it. Yes you'll need to use tough love...but at least let it be love.



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