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Facebook Usernames: What’s all the hubbub?

Look at it this way, instead of typing something like, all i have to do is type to see your profile.

So you can call yourself facebook dot com slash yourname (or in the near future, just simply slash yourname)

Just a little easier than memorizing a number.

Also, this time I’m sure it’s the real ‘yourname’ and not the many (insert more ‘manys’ here) people that share your name. This probably doesn’t apply to you Mr Shplurrggcht.


Logic and his alter ego

It takes a lot of a kind of intellectual energy to create a functional product. It takes a lot of another kind of intellectual energy to create a beautiful product. Now talk less of creating a product that is both functional and beautiful in design.
It’s so easy to tell the absence of intelligence…by the absence of order. Science teaches us that disorder is a more natural state than order (via entropy). Meaning that situations, left by themselves, tend towards chaos. Yes it takes a conscious effort to produce order…talk less of functional order…then talk less of functional and beautiful order.

Logic, as defined within the (narrow) limits of our cerebration can’t wholly exist without faith…especially when it comes to our origins. There really is a sweet blur between faith and logic. One always has to believe either that at some point nothing became something, or that a something just always was.

Science tells us that matter is neither created nor destroyed so if nothing became something …