What is a Photograph?

I have a few questions:

1. when is a photograph really a photograph?
2. is it when it's a true/unaltered representation of what the imaging technology/device originally captured?...
3. ...or is it when it's a true representation of what the human eye agrees to be 'realistic'?
4. if question 2 above is true, will a crisp, colorful 21 megapixel raw file of a beautiful bride with great bokeh be any less of a photograph than a blurry, noisy black and white image gotten from an ancient pin-hole camera?
5. is blending 3 captures (with different points of focus) to simulate a large depth of field really less photography than closing up the aperture (in-camera) to get a larger depth of field? (or the converse...blurring parts of an image to simulate great bokeh as opposed to opening up the shutter)
6. if question 3 is true, shouldn't blending 3 bracketed captures with the aim of nearer approximating human-perceived dynamic range be the goal?
7. if the issue is whether or not the effect was achieved in-camera, what happens when cameras of the future have HDR as an in-buillt feature?
8. finally what happens when said future technology allows us to bypass the camera altogether?


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