Is it me or is something funky going on?

Once upon a time, a bride hired a photographer to cover her wedding, which was to last 6 hours. They agreed on 6000 bucks for two 11x14 inch 40 side flush-mount albums, and 300 soft images on CD. The bride paid a $600 retainer and one week later, the photographer got a check for $5400 from the bride's parents.
The wedding day went very well; the photographer came with all sorts of fancy gear, second shooter, and an assistant. The photographer was a true professional. He was very courteous, and just knew the right things to say to liven up the occasion. His assistant was also very helpful with coordinating things. The main wedding events lasted 5 hours 45 minutes but the photographer stayed with them for another hour, and then took them to a scenic private resort for some groovy portraiture. Everyone, even the staff, at the resort seemed to know the photographer. When all was done, he told the couple how much he enjoyed working with them. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.

Two weeks later the bride got to see her images in an online proofing gallery. A whopping 800 images...and all very beautifully done! Within another two weeks, she received a package by courier. The package contained a golden box in which were two beautiful 11x14 inch albums with 60 pages of excellent storytelling. The album covers were gold plated and had all sorts of cursive embellishments. Even the page edges had detailing made of real gold. Also in the box was a gold case which had a double layered DVD with 800 high-res files, 800 black and white versions, 800 sepia versions, and 800 original RAW files. She also got a CD with 800 images at 1200x800 resolution. She sent a thank-you card to the photographer, promising to get him many referrals.

Three months after the wedding, the bride received another bill from the photographer.
Items listed included:
2 Additional Hours $889.99
Equipment Rental $2599.99
DVD with High-Res Images $1999.99

The bill also stated that her parents had been contacted about the balance, and that they had paid nearly 90% on her behalf. The bride immediately called her parents who told her the money they paid was a loan to her but that she could pay back at her convenience. She then called the photographer who told her that because she was one of his best clients, he had made an exemption in her case and billed the rentals at cost. He also told her that if she preferred, he could help her to work out payment in installments! Two days later she sent the balance to the photographer.

Within another two months, the bride received a bill from an album design/production company. They billed a total of $4000 for the albums and casing. They also mentioned that her parents had already paid $3600 and all she had to do was make up the difference. Shortly after, she received a bill from the courier service, who informed her that her parents had refused to pay the $50 charge and she had to sort it out herself.

All this getting too much for the bride, she calls her friend who tells her that she knows someone who had a similar experience, and that she should still expect a bill from the photographer's second shooter and assistant. She also asked the bride, "You didn't, by any chance, use any additional venues did you?" to which the bride replied "No we didn't...oh waitaminute..."


  1. just when the storry started getting interesting you said wait a minute who says that.


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