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Super hero meets his match!

This day, the Super-Duper Diaper Buster Extraordinaire finally met his match: the Sneaky-Leaky Squirty Diaper!

Legend has it that our hero can change diapers and Photoshop at the same time but this particular battle was a fierce bloody one…the crime scene is for adults only!

Our hero came out victorious but with only the proverbial inch of his life. His indestructible costume was singed beyond recognition!

While our hero recuperates, the city officials are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to manage the million-dollar damage control.

Due to his superior brute force, our hero had always severely bested his opponents. The shame of defeat was so unbearable that they never showed their faces again.

This time however the diaper used cunning. He connived with the little infant. “No no don’t smile all through…a little show of discomfort or he’ll get suspicious.”

Luckily, in the case of our hero, we get to proclaim…”Once nearly beaten, a gazillion times shy!”
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