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Super hero finally meets his match!

We return now to our hero, the Super Duper Diaper Buster Extraordinaire. Fully recovered from his last ordeal except for some scars and a limp.
If you know not the ordeal to which we refer, you probably need to visit this page and this page but here is a quick update:
The Super Duper Diaper Buster is rumored to be so powerful, he can bust diapers with one hand while photoshopping with the other. He has used his incredible super powers to defeat such nemeses as the wily one…the Sneaky-Leaky Squirty Diaper, and the fearsome one the Perpetual Dr Doo!

Our hero battered and bruised, yet always the wiser for his encounters, now possesses a utility bag of tricks. He is so improved in efficiency he has made short work of the likes of mad scientist, Professor Lukas Pukem and the opportunistic Prankster P, who sneaked in a cheap blow or two whenever our hero was distracted by a diaper. Even the eccentric Billionaire, Flex Glutor had to resort to cheap tricks. He introduced the Adult Doo, a gre…

Super hero meets his match! Part 2

We now, once again, follow the exploits of our hero, the Super Duper Diaper Buster Extraordinaire.
He is fully recovered and rested after his bloody battle with that wily one…the Sneaky-Leaky Squirty Diaper.
It appears that gory encounter was only a preparation for graver things to come!
Enter, the evil of evils, one so great our hero had to partner with his former nemeses, one that leaves a bitter lasting smell in the memories of those who dare cross its path…THE PERPETUAL DOO!!!
Greater than before was the carnage. First to be felled were the diapers. They fell with greater ease than when against our hero, the Super Duper Diaper Buster…don’t forget Extraordinaire! Even the Sneaky-Leaky’s wiles were no match. He was however able to distract the common enemy for a split second…long enough for our hero to sacrificially use all-might-mustered force!
As usual, after the fact, just like in the movies, we hear the sirens of the Special Operations for Abstergence and Purification, and the whirri…