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"I had leg cramps"'d better believe that such is also news!

I hope this doesn't get me kicked out of school, but I agree..."Facts, hot or cold, cannot be protected by copyright since there is no author of them."

News was never meant to be sold. Those who thought they sold it in the past, only sold early access to it and didn't seem to realize it. Now that the internet freely gives that access, it's time to innovate...or die!

The internet isn't necessarily killing's redefining it. Now I don't have to hear from only people who went to school to learn how to spin the facts.
I can hear from anyone...people who are at the scene when it happens, or people who are feeling the pinch the most, or people who are not necessarily motivated by financial or political gain, or people who actually understand the technical jargon associated with the specific subject they're reporting about.

Yes, the internet makes it easier for the facts to be distorted...but it also makes it easier and faster for those distort…

Quick One! Link to Notice of certification.

By now some of you know that I recently passed the certification process and I'm taking every opportunity to post my CPP designation everywhere I can. No I'm not considering getting a tattoo...just in case you were wondering.

Here a snippet from the announcement on the official site.

Thursday, July 08, 2010
* The PPCC Announces the Newest Certified Professional Photographers of 2010

Please join us in congratulating the newest Certified Professional Photographers! These individuals have successfully completed the requirements between May 13, 2010 and July 7, 2010 and can now use the designation of CPP.

My name is third on the list.

Here's the link...hope it stays current.

Quick One! "https" For those who didn't know.

I hate forwarded mail.
The one I received today is however worth 'forwarding'. I'm not going to use my e-mail forwarding (thereby exposing hordes of innocent e-mail addresses to potential spammers and hackers) so I'll simply retwee...sorry erm...I'll just summarize it as follows:

The 's' in https implies 'secure'. So if you're entering sensitive data, make sure the web address points to https rather than http. It's that simple...though some of my geek friends may beg to differ.

Active Givers and Passive Takers

Marriage is a covenant and I believe that, more important than the certificate given by the court house, is the covenant between the couple. I believe this covenant is signified by the biological covenant marker that God created...SEX. I believe God is very particular about covenants to the extent that the virginal bleeding is a blood covenant of sorts, which I believe He takes very seriously.

I believe God sees the sexual act as part of marriage so you can't really 'test the waters' without getting married. I also wouldn't be surprised if God saw some other not-so-committal things like living together as part of marriage but let's not belabor that right now.
Sex is about giving and taking. I believe God's intent was for the giving to be active and the taking to be passive.
Sex is a symbol that represents marriage, which is a symbol that represents the way God expects us to live our lives...without selfishness, taking utmost care of the other person's needs. I…