Sesame Street Old School

Ok so I finally watched the first episode of Sesame Street that was ever aired. The first major character we see is Gordon who still has hair. He introduces us to Big Bird who seems to be plagued with microcephaly which seems to affect his speech, gait, and even hormonal balance (he threatens to lay an egg!). Gordon later introduces us to Oscar, who is so clean he is orange in color! Cookie Monster also had a part, even though it was essentially non-speaking and he had a taste for more oriental cuisine like frog legs.
The 'commercials' were sponsored by two numbers and three letters who must have paid a pretty penny because there were repeat broadcasts of some commercials in that one episode! Also, a couple of commercials lasted up to 6 minutes!
All in all, it was really cool to see how much of the pilot made it to the episodes I watched as a kid in the early eighties.
Maybe someday I'll talk about Old School versus New School.
Have a great week.


  1. i ue to be a big fan of sesame street. you should post the video.


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