I was wrong about the plasma gels.

My first blog post on this blog was a prediction of the future.
I predicted that gaming input devices like the Wii would soon be obsolete. Unfortunately, I thought we'd still need something (my goofy guess was plasma gels) to serve as a tactile user interface with the gaming computers. In retrospect, I can't believe it didn't occur to me that since computers can now see, hear, feel, and 'think', they shouldn't need us to wear or carry any input devices in order for them to 'understand' what we want them to do.
Microsoft's Xbox 360 won't be needing us to touch any game controllers any more. With Kinect, some sort of glorified web cam, their gaming computers can now 'see', 'hear', and 'understand you.

Check out the wikipedia article.

Now I'll have a good excuse to play my favorite games. I'll just tell my wife I'm working out.

For more complex input instructions, I guess we'll be looking into non-tactile EEG acquisition devices.

I still insist that we'll soon stop paying to send and receive texts though.


  1. Thanks so cool, yet rather creepy. What's next?

  2. Yeah, imagine if office cubicles became this way :)


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