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Betty White: The Magic Ingredient

"Wow!" That's all I can say when I think about Betty White's immense popularity these days. Not many people who started their career in 1939 can boast of the kind of star power she's wielded lately. This 89-year-old scene stealer seems to be a magical ingredient that makes a show or movie more memorable. I won't even pretend like I know why. Even if I did, I wouldn't waste my time or blog real estate, trying to explain it. What I will do however is propose another magical use of her super powers..."24". Yes "24". I propose they introduce White as Jack Bauer's ex-spy grandmother who had gone dark for decades. Just imagine it. Someone who can give Jack Bauer a Gibbsesque slap behind the head and live to tell the tale. Just imagine it...they probably wouldn't even need a great script.

Chopsticks? Musings of a Warthog.

Cutlery (in whatever shape or form) was invented by humans to differentiate themselves from us animals. There, I said it! Functionally it makes no difference whether you pour the noodles, wholesale, directly into your mouth, or throw your face into the food like us warthogs.
You humans like to appear cultured, hence you try to show that you can control your base desires (or at least appear to). Base desire, in this case, would be the desire to throw yourselves at the food and make some'consumation'.
Ever noticed how it is more 'cultured' to hold your fork by touching it as little as possilbe? It's almost as if the food is some evil smelling substance to be merely tolerated.
To be somewhat fair to you humans, food has really done some evil in it's heyday; but then, that is hardly even the food's fault?
I wonder if you humans ever bothered to invent some kind of 'cutlery' for sex...oh do that in private so there's no nee…

Grey Label: The Love Child of Polaroid and Gaga

Polaroid was one innovative company in its heyday. Wonderful inventions such as polarized sunglasses, instant cameras, and the noun ‘Polaroid’, were a few of their claims to fame. They, however, failed to see the potential in their early digital camera model, and stuck to their forte, instant film…essentially allowing the digital market to swallow them up. They filed Chapter 11 on day 11 of October in 2001.

Fast-forward to January 2011 and Polaroid has done it again…literally. They have produced the Grey Label line including the GL10, a pocket-sized (even if large pocket) wireless insta-printer-thingamajig, the GL20 (a combination of two of their most popular products, the camera and the sunglasses), and the GL30 (well…the instant camera all over again). However, in one masterstroke, they have linked these products to one of the most Googled names on the planet…Lady Gaga! Talk about a comeback. The genius doesn’t just stop at the rebranding; my guess is that Polaroid won’t be immediate…