Chopsticks? Musings of a Warthog.

Cutlery (in whatever shape or form) was invented by humans to differentiate themselves from us animals. There, I said it! Functionally it makes no difference whether you pour the noodles, wholesale, directly into your mouth, or throw your face into the food like us warthogs.
You humans like to appear cultured, hence you try to show that you can control your base desires (or at least appear to). Base desire, in this case, would be the desire to throw yourselves at the food and make some'consumation'.
Ever noticed how it is more 'cultured' to hold your fork by touching it as little as possilbe? It's almost as if the food is some evil smelling substance to be merely tolerated.
To be somewhat fair to you humans, food has really done some evil in it's heyday; but then, that is hardly even the food's fault?
I wonder if you humans ever bothered to invent some kind of 'cutlery' for sex...oh do that in private so there's no need to pretend for anyone eh?


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