Google This, Google That

Anyone who knows me knows I can't stop talking about Google. They're everywhere...even on Mars (at least in theory). They snag up a lot of upstarts (one of them was even named Upstartle!) and make their products more readily available to the common user. Those that refuse to sell usually end up with Google as a direct competitor with more dedicated funds and the ability (even if not desire) to undercut. The end result usually benefits the general consumer though it leaves a lot of bad blood in its wake. OK, so now that Google has established themselves as some sort of omnipotent and omnipresent entity, it may be time to dial down my ambitions. Maybe it's time to change my goals from 'creating a company that will change the world' to 'creating a company that is innovative enough to attract Google's attention so I can sell and run like the wind'. Here's to great times ahead.


  1. There's an application called Freedom ( that locks you out of the internet for up to 8 hours at a time so you can work distraction free. I'm sure Google won't be interested in competing with that, seeing that they thrive on internet connection.

  2. LOL at the Freedom app. And all I can say to you, DrAW, is run like/with the wind!

  3. I heard they are now into weddings


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