Superman Returns...Again! Will he finally lose the briefs?

Oh what I would give for a chance to write a Superman screenplay. Yes I am dreaming. It's my blog so I think I'm entitled to spend a sentence or two in La La land.

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns debuted nearly twenty years after the last big screen version (the critical disgrace...also known as Superman IV: The Quest for Peace). That tells me that it's not so easy to make a Superman movie. I hear Zack Snyder (of 300 and Watchmen fame) will be directing a new one, with Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight and Inception fame) providing creative input. With such a combination at the helm, I will go and see the movie. Even if by some chance, they aren't able to get good actors or a good script, there's sure to be enough eye candy to last an hour or two.

I wonder if Supes will finally lose the briefs. Even during the era Superman Returns was released, people had generally stopped wearing their briefs over their spandex. I understand that they were trying to respect tradition, but then they might as well have kept the story in the 1940s. They didn't do that; in fact they changed the traditional blue and red to blue and wine. We all know that blue and wine is a result of a badly wasted superman who's too drunk to remember to send his clothes out for dry-cleaning (see the comedy also known as Superman III). After all, the same Bryan Singer, was responsible for X-men (six years earlier than Returns) with costumes updated to better suit the target demographic. Even Batman got a sexy-enough update in Christopher Nolan's reboots.

I understand that Kal-El (also known as Superman) wears a costume influenced by his Kryptonian heritage (even though I must remind you that he is the only Kryptonian featured in the movies who still wears his briefs on the outside). I understand that Wolverine (who changed from a stocky yellow-spandex-wearing ruffian to...well...Hugh Jackman) is by no means as great an icon as Superman. I understand that with Batman, who is almost as big a celeb as Supes, the briefs were easier to lose because he doesn't wear bright colors like blue and red...but are the briefs really that important? After all, we've sat through ten seasons of Smallville without even seeing Supes in the costume. For goodness sakes, they once considered Will Smith for the role! That tells me nothing is all that sacred.

I know some sort of best-of-both-world compromise is out there. In fact given enough incentive, I'm sure I could design an updated costume (yeah yeah I'm dreamin' again).
If only "change is the only constant thing in life" wasn't such a darned cliché.


  1. Lol dude! Sweet article. Well thought up and written. I must say while i share your sentiments in regards to the 'Briefs on the outside' thingy, we must realise that the outfit is too iconic to alter. Unlike like Wolverine or Batman's outfits which can and have undergone drastic and subtle changes over the years with no noticeable adverse affect on the character, Superman's outfit IS his identity. To alter its appearance in any way(barr colour pallets) would be like giving Santa a new get-up. It just won't feel right. Its the way it is bro. Its tradition.

  2. Santa probably could do with some new threads :P


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