Quick One! Too Many Notifications?

Every new activity on a Facebook Group has the potential to generate email notifications that clutter our inboxes.
While groups have many advantages (many of which we have not even begun to tap into), there is no excuse for unwanted mail.

If the notifications are getting to you, don't exit the group for that reason alone (the group hasn't even started yet...you'll see), just adjust your settings a little. Here's how:

These instructions apply to Facebook as of 2011 June 20th, and can be rendered obsolete at any time. Such is the nature of the web.

Go to the top right hand corner of your page and click on 'Account'. It will drop-down a menu, click on 'Account Settings'. This will take you to your account page. Click on the 'Notifications' tab. Scroll down a little to 'Groups'. At the bottom of that section, click on 'Change email settings for individual groups'. Just untick the group you do no longer with to receive notifications from, then click on 'Save Settings' (very important :P). This is much better than leaving the group...I hope.



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