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Facebook Timeline: To Hate or Not to Hate

I'm impressed at how Facebook (FB) is 'sneaking' it's new timeline feature on us. With minimal advertisement the new template is spreading to 'hapless' users like wildfire. 'Unfortunately', the change is permanent (you might have to delete your whole FB account to undo the change).

I've used the inverted commas above because...well...this time at least, I think FB made the right move. The timeline feature is actually a vast improvement. One that FB might not even have the incentive to implement, save a desire to please its users (and...em...compete better against Google+).

I remember screaming bloody murder when FB first implemented their 'new' way of viewing photos. You clicked on the thumbnail, and instead of being taken to the photo in its album location, you got a temporary black background with the photo hovering over it. I hated the black background because I couldn't see anything else but the way to easily navigate away…

Suggested Improvements to Facebook Groups

Yeah, Facebook is the second most visited site but there is always room for improvement.

Take Facebook Groups for instance, a very useful tool for bringing like minds and interests together. The tendency is to amass posts and threads, some, useful; some, not. Unfortunately, only so many posts can be immediately seen on the wall. Facebook allows you to show more posts by clicking the "Older Posts" link indefinitely, but this could take forever, depending on how many posts there are. Thus, the tendency is also to loose important discussions or repeat them unnecessarily. Even if the discussions are not lost, they should always be at the users' beck and call.

I recommend a search feature specific to each group (or page, or event, or profile, or whatever-have-you). Not the general search feature that is sort of a joke especially when you're searching for people (maybe Facebook chose the wrong search engine to partner with). With a search feature, I'm sure I can call …