My Alien Abduction Survival Story

The ETs now have me where they've wanted my wits' end and on my knees, completely at their mercy. They have my attention alright, howbeit not undivided. My wife is dying in excruciating pain and it's all their doing. They'd implanted the alien pod that had been growing inside her and was now trying to claw its way out of her belly. Okay maybe it wasn't all their doing. If only I hadn't been so stupid to get us in such a compromising situation. The aliens should never have captured us in the first place. It should have been some poor unlucky slob in my place. I'm a trained soldier, my instincts have been honed to avoid scenarios like this.

Funnily enough they'd treated us nicely. None of the lower gastrointestinal probing we hear about in those abduction stories. Just strange heavenly lights and strange heavenly sounds. It was like heaven for the relatively brief period we were there. We were grateful to have been spared. Not many make it back the same. Many are forever scarred by the experience. Not only had we lived to tell about it we had what no one would be faulted for calling a positive experience. No broken bones, no organs missing, fine and dandy enough for another day in the mouse wheel...until a few weeks later when you realize there's a strange creature growing inside your wife. Her appearance changes and she starts to behave somewhat alien, strange craving for alien food only available in areas where one should not be captured lest one get a gastro probing.

Lallas is doing everything he can to control the bleeding. Lallas, blessed Lallas, keeping your cool in such a situation, you're the best; but then it's easy for you to keep your cool. It's not your wife who's life is draining from her face because some alien tech is bored of its 'home' and wants to 'see the world'. Come to think of it, it's easy for me too. I haven't had to live with the thought (talk less of the fact) of something growing inside me. Not growing like a malignant tumor but growing and moving and wanting and feeling. To walk around knowing you have something...well...someone else inside you. Yikes! I'm lucky the aliens need the female reproductive system. They could've been some upside-down specie that conceive their young in male scrota. I get dizzy and nauseous just thinking that last thought till I'm distracted by their response.

"Speak Earthling!" the Alien overlord says. I tell them to take the pain away. I tel them I'll do anything to get my wife back in one piece. I offer to lead them to the colony's stash of precious minerals. I offer to be their slave. They chuckle, or at least what can best be described as a chuckle, a chuckle, by alien standards, aliens-with-no-mouths standard. The Overlord answers, "Earthling you should not assume that what is precious to your kind is precious to us". We have no need for your pebbles. We will accept your servitude but we will not impose the harsh slave conditions you have feared and resisted all through our invasion. All we require from you for now is to take care of the child."

"Take care of an ugly alien abomination? You've gotta be kidding me! I can't even begin to pretend that it is remotely possible for me do such." Well those aren't my exact words to them but that's what I'm thinking. Before I can say anything, Lallas calls out, "There! You did it Leila!" You're rid of it and you're gonna make it!!". I turn around and I see it.

"It's Beautiful!". Also not said out loud but thought. I don't know what the aliens did to me but I'm in awe at the sight. Loving this thing for the rest of my life doesn't seem so hard all of a sudden. Innocent and frail looking. "Thank you Dr Lallas! Bless you, you're the best!! Thank you Overlord!" "I won't dissappoint you!!"

I've never seen anything so beautiful. The thing has ten fingers, ten toes...and three legs!"


  1. Cool,
    But what if the aliens communicated to these people in a more unique way than the cliched 'earthling, we come in peace'...Who taught them English?
    just my thought
    ha ha ha! Nice one man


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