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Bolanle, MSPH

Congratulations Bolanle! We love you very much and wish you God's best!

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Howard School of Architecture Hosts Nigerian Minister of Petroleum Resources

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Exercise + Diet

Summary of my posts on weight loss.

Yes...a combination of exercise and diet management is needed for weight control.

You do not need high intensity exercise unless you're preparing for a competition, or want those 30-day results, which could be detrimental to your overall well-being.

Anything that let's you break a sweat or increases your heart rate is good enough. You'll be surprised that just stepping on and off a step on your staircase can be a workout depending on how fit you are.

Infrequent intense exercise will not help if you don't have diet under control, unless the exercise is for building muscle. Building muscle and burning calories on a regular basis are not the same thing.

The food you eat can be turned to energy, build muscle, or be stored as fat. The calories you get from the food do not build muscle; only the proteins do. So the workout will burn whatever it can burn but that will stop during the break. Man wasn't meant to live a sedentary lifestyle...s…