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Suggested Improvement to Facebook "Like"

Seriously, Facebook should stop abusing the word "Like". We've made our peace with their abuse of the word "Friend" but the "Like" thingy may be doing them some harm. Think about it. Imagine I find a page I want to participate in not because I like the page ("like" in the literal sense not the perverted Facebook sense) but because I want to provide an alternate viewpoint. The establishment could have the exact opposite of my values, or sell products I'm not happy with, and the best way to keep tabs on them, or offer my complaint would be to "Like" the page. Problem is I don't want to be caught dead 'liking' a page I don'

I know companies would probably want to limit the voice of the complaining customer, but some (the smart ones) will want to hear such customers so they can improve or at least know what their enemies are saying. This loss in important feedback and community activity might cost F…

Why Do I Believe There is a God?

I have not seen God, but His existence at some point is, at the very least, implied. The biggest implication of His presence is man himself. Never have I seen such an example of multi-functionality and beauty.

When we see a computer, we assume it was created. When it executes a program we assume there was a programmer. It's natural to do so because the program's creation involved intelligence and a special language. The product's appearance had some thought to its design to make it look just right to the human user. The creator had the human user's experience in mind when creating the machine...down to its aesthetics and comfort of use.

Bottom line, when we see functionality and beauty properly blended, we assume there was some intelligent influence. When we see language, we assume there exists a speaker. In man, I see a language known as DNA. It uses only a handful of alphabets but it is used to create some of the most complex things man has ever seen...including ma…