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Facebook: Scammers Tactic: Dating/Relationships

If you've never checked the 'Other' segment of your Facebook inbox, you're probably not missing much. However, when I checked mine I found out that the 'Others' folder is the place Facebook sends messages that pages I've liked have sent to me.

Well the pages send these messages to all their fans but they might as well have been to only me. Facebook treats the 'Others' folder as a kind of spam folder that you could decide to ignore outright, or clean up since it's possible an important mail could make its way there.

 I will not complain about Facebook's 'spam filtering' because I think they try to err on the side of caution. This blog post is going to focus on messages from people that say they saw your profile and would like to pursue some sort of relationship. I've found most (99.9%) of these to be from scammers. By now, this is not a new tactic but it has replaced the slightly older tactic of claiming they are stranded in a re…

e-Mail Hacked? Changing Password is Not Enough!

A couple of days ago, a friend's e-mail address was compromised by scammers. They got access to her e-mail account and sent e-mails to her contacts (impersonating her) with the claim that she was stranded in foreign land and needed urgent financial aid. We discovered that the fraudsters had changed quite a few of her e-mail settings to make their scam keep working for them even after my friend would have changed her password! I learned quite a bit from the experience and I have a few (pre or post) cautionary measures to share.

If you suspect that your account has been hacked into, here are some tips that should be very useful (especially if you use Yahoo Mail).

 Change your password! Luckily, many times, the hackers don't change your password in order to reduce your likelihood of suspicion. They know that if you're not able to log in, you're likely to contact your e-mail provider. The good scammers allow you to keep logging in, business-as-usual.Changing your password i…