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Man of Steel and the Billion-Dollar Movie Club

This is the second major post in what is going to become the Billion-Dollar Club series tracking the Box Office performance of movies that came out with enough hype to justify some expectation of reaching a billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Well some expectation on my part at least. These movies are tracked in comparison to the progress of other movies that made it to a billion. I've added a few other outliers to round the number to the top 20 movies worldwide.

While the spreadsheet I'm using features the current top 20 movies, I'll only be tracking progress in relation to movies of my choice. The next major tracking after "Man of Steel" (MOS) will be "Avengers 2" or "Man of Steel 2"...whichever comes first. If I get a special request to include a movie that could do some box office damage, say "Pacific Rim" or something, then I'll oblige. Otherwise, it's the flagship caped supers all the way.

MOS started its box of…