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Rookie Dad Mistakes: Grocery Shopping

Daddy has found this to be a really good way to add to his step count. Just cruising the aisles for a couple of items could earn him up to 1000 steps. A full blown shopping list would easily be a cool 5000 steps, which is half of his daily goal.

Looking good yeah? Now, he straps a two-year-old to the cart and he’s burning more calories from pushing. He adds a four-year-old to the mix in the hope of the kid helping to push the cart. #RookieDadMistake number 1. Nope, the little tyke doesn’t help push. He grabs on to the cart alright but he simply hops on one of the cart wheels and puts his weight on the thing. More exercise...yaaay!

After a while, Two-Year-Old starts whining that he’s hungry. The fact that he’s strapped in the cart (when he could be running wild and free down the maze of aisles) doesn’t help his countenance.
#RookieDadMistake number 2: Not packing a snack for a hungry child.

So Dad relents and allows the child out of the strap. #RookieDadMistake number 3. The moment hi…