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Why the 'color' of "The Dress" is important. Especially if you're a photographer

If you're not a photographer, the 'color' of the dress is important because it shows us how two people can look at the same object and see something different (wars have been started for less).

But if you're a photographer the 'color' of the dress becomes extremely significant...especially if you don't know the science behind why people are seeing different things. Yes it is a science...and as a photographer you should not only know why the photo is color-ambiguous but also how to use your photography knowledge to simulate similar scenarios and to solve problems that could arise for your client…without use of excessive Photoshop.

Okay back to the dress. People are either seeing “White and Gold” or “Blue and Black”. Those seeing one color or the other are not color blind or a tad mentally retarded. No they are not trolling you. They are ‘seeing’ what they are seeing. Some even see a different thing at different times, and what they see at any …