Capitalism and Human Dignity

Believe it or not, I believe in Capitalism (yikes...that sounded like when a racist starts with "I'm not racist...but...").

Sure, I believe in capitalism but only as far as it treats people with respect and dignity.

If you chase after the money far enough you will eventually find yourself reaching the limit where your legal rights abut bad PR.

I had only little pity for United Airlines after their PR fiasco. You may have the legal right to throw anyone off your plane...but you have to use common sense.

If United had offered a hundred thousand dollars for a passenger to get off the plane...they'd be in a better financial state than they were after the incident. I'm not saying they should have offered a hundred thou off the bat. I'm saying you gradually sweeten the pot until someone grabs the winnings. If nobody volunteers after you've reached $100,000, then increase it some more and keep increasing it till you are sure you can no longer afford it. Because, anyone willing to refuse one hundred big ones is really desperate to stay on that plane.

If someone is that desperate to stay on the plane, you won't be able to kick them out without bad press...let alone knocking them out cold.

Even after the fiasco, if the leadership at United had,  from the get go, simply scapegoated a few and threw them under the bus (hopefully with secret compensation packages...sue me, I'm too humane), they will still be in a much better position than they are now.

Your fine print can't protect you from the court of public opinon.


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