Capitalism and Human Dignity

Believe it or not, I believe in Capitalism (yikes...that sounded like when a racist starts with "I'm not racist...but...").

Sure, I believe in capitalism but only as far as it treats people with respect and dignity.

If you chase after the money far enough you will eventually find yourself reaching the limit where your legal rights abut bad PR.

I had only little pity for United Airlines after their PR fiasco. You may have the legal right to throw anyone off your plane...but you have to use common sense.

If United had offered a hundred thousand dollars for a passenger to get off the plane...they'd be in a better financial state than they were after the incident. I'm not saying they should have offered a hundred thou off the bat. I'm saying you gradually sweeten the pot until someone grabs the winnings. If nobody volunteers after you've reached $100,000, then increase it some more and keep increasing it till you are sure you can no longer afford it. Because…

What if...Your Name is Valerie...and Uber Radio

What if your name is Valerie and you hail an Uber ride and as you get in and shut the door, Amy Winehouse's (sorry Mark) version of The Zutton's "Valerie" comes on? You know because Uber has some special deal with Spotify where drivers have access to a premium subscription while on an active drive.

Still not impressed?

Okay what if your scratch that...your most favoritest (favoritestest?) song comes up? You know, because Uber has allowed you create a playlist on its servers that it streams via fairy dust and rainbows to the driver's car speakers.

Still not impressed?

Okay what if you hear a radio station where up-to-the-minute local whether and traffic conditions (plus breaking news relevant to you in particular) are being read by a Siri-like voice? You know, because magic.

Still not impressed?

Never fret. The self-driving cars will be ready for deployment in our lifetime. Sheesh.

PS. If you look hard enough, you'll find people attempting to pro…

The Netflix Effect

"Each Netflix show doesn't have to be a massive success in its own right....just good enough"
Part 1: I once saw a post about a crowdfunding Hollywood studio startup and it got me thinking. While I'm mistrustful of Kickstarter startups like these, I like the idea in theory. The idea of involving the masses in choosing what gets made next. I think of Netflix because they have perfected this model. Not in the sense of asking people what they want to watch next (like Amazon now does) though. Netflix doesn't necessarily ask people what they want to watch (let's face it, people never really know what they want). Netflix uses algorithms and analytics to figure out what a target demographic will want to see next based on automated feedback from their viewing habits. This is the real advantage of the streaming paradigm...the analytics...not the convenience (which is a nice perk...don't get me wrong). Thanks to said targeting, Netflix is in a unique position to be able …

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Quick Spoiler-Free Review

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 does everything a movie of its budget and scope is expected to do."

Hey folks! Look who's back from blogging retirement, though I didn't retire as much as figure out a way to distill my angst into 140 characters or less. Anyhoo, let's see how things go this time around.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 does everything a movie of its budget and scope is expected to do.
If you're insistent on a plot-heavy, character-driven thesis on what it means to be human...yada yada yada, then you might want to consider retracing your steps. This movie might not be for you.

But if you want a humorous joyride with spectacular visuals and attendant action, you've come to the right place. The previously mentioned things the critics love are there but they won't distract you.

Yes, it's less plot-heavy than its predecessor but it's not all fluff. There's enough plot in there to keep the movie together and moving forward. There ar…

Why the 'color' of "The Dress" is important. Especially if you're a photographer

If you're not a photographer, the 'color' of the dress is important because it shows us how two people can look at the same object and see something different (wars have been started for less).

But if you're a photographer the 'color' of the dress becomes extremely significant...especially if you don't know the science behind why people are seeing different things. Yes it is a science...and as a photographer you should not only know why the photo is color-ambiguous but also how to use your photography knowledge to simulate similar scenarios and to solve problems that could arise for your client…without use of excessive Photoshop.

Okay back to the dress. People are either seeing “White and Gold” or “Blue and Black”. Those seeing one color or the other are not color blind or a tad mentally retarded. No they are not trolling you. They are ‘seeing’ what they are seeing. Some even see a different thing at different times, and what they see at any …

Quick One! Watch What You Click

It's very easy to click on the wrong thing.
For example a search for "Google Earth" shows a suspect looking site as the top query.
(No reputable service needs to advertise themselves as "100% virus tested...Trusted Website")

Nigeria vs Iran, World Cup 2014: My Crazy Interpretation.

Okay I'll just let you know I don't know much about soccer so stop me when I'm wrong.
Nigeria faced Iran at 3PM Eastern Time on Monday, June 16th and immediately the match started the Iranians found themselves leading by a goalless draw!
So they set out to defend that lead with all the men they had. Since all their players were standing in front of the goal post, Nigeria's Super Eagles had no choice but to try to penetrate via the flanks. The only problem was the Eagles seemed content with getting the ball along the flanks all the way to the opponents corner and then stopping. This they did over and over until the Iranians realized they didn't seem to have an interest in scoring so they figured they might as well try and attack. So the Eagle's keeper, who'd been taking a nap all this while, had to wake up and explain to the Iranians that the Eagles were not necessarily intent on the Iranians went back to their post.

A certain Osaze fellow showe…