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Everyone close your eyes...seriously!

Ever wondered how to take a group picture where one or more people aren't blinking, or with partially shut (droopy dog) eyes?
Or one where people don't have different shapes of mouth movement.

For the first problem, I simply ask them to close their eyes. After I've convinced them that I'm serious, i simply tell them to open it and then take the picture immediately. This is because no one blinks immediately after opening their eyes.
While I'm at it i also take a picture of everyone with their eyes closed, cos frankly it makes for an intriguing shot.

For the second problem (the mouths) I ask them to say the cliched, overused, cheesy guessed it...'cheese'. 'Cheese' was chosen by the sages of old because it contorts the mouth into a smile-like shape. 'Cheese' was also useful in the olden days because it's irrelevance to the event made some laugh.

In the end it doesn't matter what word is used as long as it's monosyllabic and d…

Those Darned Calories

I’ll second (or third) that too rapid weight loss is not healthy. Actually history has shown that too rapid anything, more than less, is never healthy.

That said, it's good to watch your caloric intake...but it will not be as easy as not eating.
A faster healthier way to loose weight is to eat smaller but more regular meals (of course while adding a healthy dose of exercise...or rather, a dose of healthy exercise).
Whatever you do, avoid bouts of starvation. Starvation simply tells your body that there isn't enough food to go round (famine even). The body then responds by slowing down the metabolism, and by storing whatever 'little' you ingest as fat…you know, for the ‘rainy’ day ahead. You’re better off boosting your metabolism by eating tiny meals say every 3 hours. What I do (ok try to do) is eat tiny meals and supplement with granola bars (yes I’ve acquired the taste) later, or eat my meals in two meals…half now half later.

Avoid or limit the white killer foods like su…