Those Darned Calories

I’ll second (or third) that too rapid weight loss is not healthy. Actually history has shown that too rapid anything, more than less, is never healthy.

That said, it's good to watch your caloric intake...but it will not be as easy as not eating.
A faster healthier way to loose weight is to eat smaller but more regular meals (of course while adding a healthy dose of exercise...or rather, a dose of healthy exercise).
Whatever you do, avoid bouts of starvation. Starvation simply tells your body that there isn't enough food to go round (famine even). The body then responds by slowing down the metabolism, and by storing whatever 'little' you ingest as fat…you know, for the ‘rainy’ day ahead. You’re better off boosting your metabolism by eating tiny meals say every 3 hours. What I do (ok try to do) is eat tiny meals and supplement with granola bars (yes I’ve acquired the taste) later, or eat my meals in two meals…half now half later.

Avoid or limit the white killer foods like sugar, white flour, and salt. I’m learning to like wheat bread…sadly by lacing it with jam :p.

A vegan diet is good but needs to be supplemented. As there are certain nutrients that can only be gotten from animals.
If you're not too strict about eating animals, then you can add the leanest of meats, or better still fish. I discovered a way to enjoy my vegetables…I sprinkle a delightful garnishing of corned beef over it…not the least bit dissimilar from sprinkling salt to taste.

Finally (couldn’t possibly be the final tip, but that’s where I’m ending this)…you really need to drink enough water. I hear about two liters (8 cups) a day is good. Check this out…you lose almost half that amount from just breathing, sweating and um…doing number two. Not to talk of how much you lose doing number one.
So you need enough to supplement the bit you’ll get from your food (yes there’s quite a bit of water in food). Also, healthy water intake helps to reduce (reduce, not remove) the chances of hunger pangs.
Yeah, yeah I know water ‘tastes’ horrible. I find stuff to lace it with too…like low calorie lemonade. Better a few extra calories than dehydration I say.


  1. Very well said, doc. I've got to get the water down and get rid of the white killers ;)

  2. Wale you're great. I totally needed this blog. And I'm guessing it was I who prompted it. Luckily I only have 10 more days of being a vegan. As this was only a part of the detox my trainer put me on. The fact that I'm not eating enough is being I although one would never know from looking at me, can have an anorexic mind. After this detox, I will eat normally. But in the meantime, I will drink more water (since I haven't been doing that), more protein and more calories *cringe*. In fact I'm drinking my 3rd bottle of water today... yay me! :)

  3. that's good to hear erica.
    and you're right you inspired this piece :)

  4. Sugar is so bad, anything refined is bad and then you add hydrogenated fats.

    Diets is one of the main causes of the alarming rates of obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus that we now see.

    In the end, we are responsible for what we put in our body.


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