The Wisdom of Solomon

Wunmi: Hey! If you had to choose one, which would you pick…wisdom or innocence?
Bale: What? Did you just say wisdom or in-house sex?
Wunmi: No silly, I said Wisdom or Innocence.
Bale: Of course one needs both, but if I had to choose I'd chose innocence.
Wunmi: Any reasons?
Bale: Well, I thought of Solomon and all his wisdom...he didn't have the best of endings did he?
Wunmi: Hmm...Ok which would you choose...wisdom or in-house sex?
Bale: Bro that's easy...I choose wisdom...again look at Solomon...his wisdom brought him enooooough in-house…

On a more serious note, we have to respect Solomon's wisdom. The kind God said no one has ever had or ever will have.

Solomon started by getting God's attention.
I can image God going "Whoa! Gabriel did you see that? Outta my way! Outta my way!!..." and whoosh! He's in Solomon's room. "Impressive, boy! Ok What do you want? Just name it". He was ready to give Solomon whatever he wanted...a hundred trillion dollars, a stretch limo, a private island resort, the fairest maiden (or maidens) in the land, you dream it.
Solomon says "wisdom" and Gabriel, yawning, goes "ok a hundred trillion dollars coming right uuu...did he just say wisdom?
Solomon is like "well yeah...I mean I got enough bling and my ride gets me from A to B. Besides, I'm in charge around these parts so all I need or want is there for the asking or…heh heh…taking...all, except a good name.
God is impressed by this and grants him his wish and then some.

Way back when I was a school dorm prefect, two juniors came to me, fighting over a pair of slippers each claimed was his. So I tell them I'm going to destroy the slippers eh?.
One of them says "yeah go ahead...destroy them"...while the other says I should give the pair to the other guy. Feeling grateful to Solomon, I hand over the slippers to the one who said to give it to the other guy.
I got to see them some moments later; the one who said to destroy the slippers was really bitter and animated. He'd preferred to see the slippers destroyed than in the hands of the 'enemy'. Then it hit me. The other guy had nothing to loose...they weren't his slippers in the first place! Solomon's wisdom did not apply the same way because this time it wasn't a baby involved!
Even if by some freak chance...the biological mother of the baby was the prostitute that said to cut the baby in half...she forfeits her rights to the child there and then!

Solomon was one wiiiise hombre...and it seems all that wisdom is there for the asking!

1st Kings Chapter 3



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