Memory and Storage (more of my predictions)...

Data storage capacity will keep tending to infinity just as storage units keep tending to zero in physical size.
The compact flash card has essentially not increased in physical size since its introduction but the size of data it can hold has steadily but surely doubled over these few years. In the vain hopes of keeping this write-up up to date over the years, I won’t specify the current maximum size a CF card can hold.

If there is a linear progression towards infinity in the capacity of data storage, the internet’s capacity to store data should leap in exponential bounds.
I suppose it’s based on a neatly calculated version of this trend that the likes of Google can offer unlimited email storage…and counting.
Given these trends in memory storage and access time, I guess we can safely assume that in the near future, cameras won’t even be fitted with memory cards any more. They’ll have a ‘temporary’ buffer space measurable in exabytes and loads more in wirelessly upgradeable permanent memory…which won’t even be needed…the pictures taken will be automatically and immediately and wirelessly saved online. Of course by that time ‘online’ will be even more pervasive than TV and radio put together. You’ll literally never have to delete any image (or anything for that matter) again!

Man is indeed on his way to doing away with physical storage (as we know it) altogether. How can I say this with so much confidence? Well two reasons.
The first is that man has scientific precedents to follow. For example, God placed enough information to form a whole individual (with so much potential for achievement and information storage) in a zygote so small you’ll have to divide an inch into seventy thousand units.
The second is that man always seems to have found a way to accomplish anything that is important to him.
I won’t be surprised if he discovers the over-the-counter cure for AIDS very very soon (assuming he hasn’t already).


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