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Is it me or is something funky going on?

Once upon a time, a bride hired a photographer to cover her wedding, which was to last 6 hours. They agreed on 6000 bucks for two 11x14 inch 40 side flush-mount albums, and 300 soft images on CD. The bride paid a $600 retainer and one week later, the photographer got a check for $5400 from the bride's parents.
The wedding day went very well; the photographer came with all sorts of fancy gear, second shooter, and an assistant. The photographer was a true professional. He was very courteous, and just knew the right things to say to liven up the occasion. His assistant was also very helpful with coordinating things. The main wedding events lasted 5 hours 45 minutes but the photographer stayed with them for another hour, and then took them to a scenic private resort for some groovy portraiture. Everyone, even the staff, at the resort seemed to know the photographer. When all was done, he told the couple how much he enjoyed working with them. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.