Quick One! What is your ‘NO’ No.?

What’s your ‘No’ number? How many times do you have to hear “No” before you give up?
Some people have a ‘No’ number of 1; ie they give up trying after hearing “No” for the first time.
Others have a ‘No’ number of zero; ie they don’t even bother to ask.
A few have been known to have a number of 0< n <1…they ask but they don’t even have the courage to follow up for a response.
Others yet have ‘No’ numbers that tend towards infinity. They either just don’t understand the word, or have a selective amnesia for it. I suspect such people also tend to be a tad wealthier than the rest.
Do you know some people have a ‘No’ number of minus one? Yeah…they hear a ‘No’ even when the response is “YES!”.
What’s your ‘No’ number?


  1. i concur with all you said, never take no for an answer


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