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Stop watching those calories!

Watching TV can be likened to consuming calories. Too much of either can be bad for you.
Just like there are different kinds of foods, there are different sources of ‘calories’ on TV:

‘Vitamins’: They have little entertainment value (‘calories’) but pack a lot of useful information and/or inspiration (‘nutrients’). In other words, they are good for you. Examples include boring educational programs (as seen on many public freely accessible stations), boring news programs (like some on CSPAN), boring religious programs, etc.

‘Fruits and Veggies’: They manage to pack in some entertainment value and are very good for you. These include funny educational programs (eg the ‘For Dummies series’…ok make that educational programs that try to be funny), interesting news programs, engaging religious programs, and exercise videos.

‘Foody Foods’: Since vitamins like to call themselves food, we had to make some kind of distinction. These provide pure entertainment just like food is meant to provide…you …