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I was wrong about the plasma gels.

My first blog post on this blog was a prediction of the future.
I predicted that gaming input devices like the Wii would soon be obsolete. Unfortunately, I thought we'd still need something (my goofy guess was plasma gels) to serve as a tactile user interface with the gaming computers. In retrospect, I can't believe it didn't occur to me that since computers can now see, hear, feel, and 'think', they shouldn't need us to wear or carry any input devices in order for them to 'understand' what we want them to do.
Microsoft's Xbox 360 won't be needing us to touch any game controllers any more. With Kinect, some sort of glorified web cam, their gaming computers can now 'see', 'hear', and 'understand you.

Check out the wikipedia article.

Now I'll have a good excuse to play my favorite games. I'll just tell my wife I'm working out.

For more complex input instructions, I guess we'll be looking into non-tactile EEG acquisit…

Quick One! Waist to Length ratio

Yikes! My waist size is more than my trouser length!
I'd better hit the gym...but first, some pizza and ice cream. Yum!

Quick One! Cloudy with a Chance of Geometrical Shapes

What if, on one cold winter night, it started snowing circles, and rectangles, and triangles? After ruling out math loving aliens or the Ghost of Maths Yet to Come, I'd probably think someone was having fun with special effects and start looking around the corner for Mr Kutcher (the fact that I'm not yet a celeb probably won't cross my mind).
I guess what would freak me out is the fact that scientific rules were suddenly changed...and not the fact that geometric shapes are falling out of the sky.
Waitaminute...snow falls as waaaay more complex geometric shapes! Somebody up there must really be having fun.