Betty White: The Magic Ingredient

"Wow!" That's all I can say when I think about Betty White's immense popularity these days. Not many people who started their career in 1939 can boast of the kind of star power she's wielded lately. This 89-year-old scene stealer seems to be a magical ingredient that makes a show or movie more memorable. I won't even pretend like I know why. Even if I did, I wouldn't waste my time or blog real estate, trying to explain it. What I will do however is propose another magical use of her super powers..."24". Yes "24". I propose they introduce White as Jack Bauer's ex-spy grandmother who had gone dark for decades. Just imagine it. Someone who can give Jack Bauer a Gibbsesque slap behind the head and live to tell the tale. Just imagine it...they probably wouldn't even need a great script.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I love it, DrAW. I'm a big fan of both Betty White AND "24." I can totally see it. Thanks for the smile.


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