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Quick One! TGIF

After all these years I just noticed that TGIF is an anagram of GIFT.

"God. It's Friday! Thanks!!"

Quick One! Discrimination by Wealth

Have you ever noticed how the poor are virtually the only unprotected class. They are so openly discriminated against, it's not even funny. When you go to a place of business you know you're not likely to see signs like "Coloreds not allowed", "No Women Allowed", or "Non-Christians Only", but you do see signs like "Price: $1000". Tell me if that isn't some form of discrimination against the poor. After all you're not likely to hear that the phone company cut someone's line off because he is gay or that the Landlord threw a tenant out because she is 55 years old.

Moral of the story: Don't be poor.

Superman Returns...Again! Will he finally lose the briefs?

Oh what I would give for a chance to write a Superman screenplay. Yes I am dreaming. It's my blog so I think I'm entitled to spend a sentence or two in La La land.

Bryan Singer's Superman Returns debuted nearly twenty years after the last big screen version (the critical disgrace...also known as Superman IV: The Quest for Peace). That tells me that it's not so easy to make a Superman movie. I hear Zack Snyder (of 300 and Watchmen fame) will be directing a new one, with Christopher Nolan (of The Dark Knight and Inception fame) providing creative input. With such a combination at the helm, I will go and see the movie. Even if by some chance, they aren't able to get good actors or a good script, there's sure to be enough eye candy to last an hour or two.

I wonder if Supes will finally lose the briefs. Even during the era Superman Returns was released, people had generally stopped wearing their briefs over their spandex. I understand that they were trying to respect …

Google This, Google That

Anyone who knows me knows I can't stop talking about Google. They're everywhere...even on Mars (at least in theory). They snag up a lot of upstarts (one of them was even named Upstartle!) and make their products more readily available to the common user. Those that refuse to sell usually end up with Google as a direct competitor with more dedicated funds and the ability (even if not desire) to undercut. The end result usually benefits the general consumer though it leaves a lot of bad blood in its wake. OK, so now that Google has established themselves as some sort of omnipotent and omnipresent entity, it may be time to dial down my ambitions. Maybe it's time to change my goals from 'creating a company that will change the world' to 'creating a company that is innovative enough to attract Google's attention so I can sell and run like the wind'. Here's to great times ahead.