Quick One! Moving Read-Only Files

Ok so I start to transfer hundreds of gigabytes of data to an external drive. The computer tells me it will take dozens of minutes so I leave it running and go for a nap. I have a 'one nod rule', which is to prevent me from working while half-asleep, so if I nod off once, I go straight to bed. I wake up hours later only to discover that the transfer hasn't even reached halfway. The computer has paused the transfer to ask me if I'm sure I want to move a read-only file!

Shouldn't the default be to just transfer the files? In the many years that I have been transferring files, never have I intended for the read-only files to stay put while the others move. That has never been my default. Why wait till the 35% mark to ask me a question you could have generically asked at the beginning of the transfer? Can you hear my Linux friends laughing at me?

I know I'm ranting only because I was inconvenienced and I bet there are other scenarios where moving a read-only file (that can be simply moved back) is a catastrophe of galactic proportions. Sheesh!


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