Name That Tune!

If, by some freak chance, you remember the instrumental music from the obscure show "Circus Center Ring" (say, for instance, because you grew up in Lagos in the late eighties), you will really appreciate this music list:

1. Feels So Good by Chuck Mangione
2. I Go To Rio by Peter Allen
3. The Hustle by Van McCoy
4. Quando, Quando, Quando by Michael Bublé (or Engelbert Humperdinck, or Pat Boone, or if you really wanna go far, Tony Renis)
5. Main Theme from Star Wars by John Williams
6. and of course, Circus Center Ring's main theme...that is if you can ever find it (I wish I had a prize for whomever is able to remember the lyrics).

I'm sure I've missed out one or two so please call me out ASAP if you have 'em.


  1. The theme from "Rocky" is also included.

  2. Also included is "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window".


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