Suggested Improvement to Facebook "Like"

Seriously, Facebook should stop abusing the word "Like". We've made our peace with their abuse of the word "Friend" but the "Like" thingy may be doing them some harm. Think about it. Imagine I find a page I want to participate in not because I like the page ("like" in the literal sense not the perverted Facebook sense) but because I want to provide an alternate viewpoint. The establishment could have the exact opposite of my values, or sell products I'm not happy with, and the best way to keep tabs on them, or offer my complaint would be to "Like" the page. Problem is I don't want to be caught dead 'liking' a page I don'

I know companies would probably want to limit the voice of the complaining customer, but some (the smart ones) will want to hear such customers so they can improve or at least know what their enemies are saying. This loss in important feedback and community activity might cost Facebook a few pennies in the long run. Wishful thinking? You're probably right, but still humor me.

Henceforth, Facebook should change every single "Like" that has ever been made to something more neutral. A new official "Like" button can then be issued for those who actually like (again, the literal sense) the page. Sorry I don't know what the neutral name of the replacement will be. "Connect"? "Touch"? "Monitor"? Darn, I'll even prefer the word "Stalk" to the misused "Like". I'd rather it be said that "OlaWale is Stalking Exorcist 2: The Heretic" rather than "OlaWale Likes Exorcist 2: The Heretic"

How was your week?


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  2. Interesting post, I agree with you... imagine the ability to "like", without the privilige of "unliking" when you find out more about a page?

  3. Update: Today, I noticed that FB introduced a "Seen by" feature. It's not a replacement for the curent "like" like I suggested but it's a sign that shows promise. I'd take "Seen by" as a replacement to "liked" any day if only that were the case.

  4. Howdy! Were you able to complete all the options of your domain by yourself or you got professional help?

  5. UPDATE: FB introduces the reactions feature. There's still no neutral reaction but it's still a step forward.


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