Why Do I Believe There is a God?

I have not seen God, but His existence at some point is, at the very least, implied. The biggest implication of His presence is man himself. Never have I seen such an example of multi-functionality and beauty.

When we see a computer, we assume it was created. When it executes a program we assume there was a programmer. It's natural to do so because the program's creation involved intelligence and a special language. The product's appearance had some thought to its design to make it look just right to the human user. The creator had the human user's experience in mind when creating the machine...down to its aesthetics and comfort of use.

Bottom line, when we see functionality and beauty properly blended, we assume there was some intelligent influence. When we see language, we assume there exists a speaker. In man, I see a language known as DNA. It uses only a handful of alphabets but it is used to create some of the most complex things man has ever seen...including man himself. No computer program yet written by man has come close to reproducing the level of functionality and beauty (not to talk of intelligence) that we see around us.

Some believe that given enough time, unintelligent forces can create intelligent life. The science of entropy teaches us that nature's tendency is towards disorder. That's why my room will tend towards disorderliness unless I deliberately prevent it. Never once has any scientist shown that intelligence can be created from nothing. If there was a big bang (I have no proof that there wasn't so I'm not refuting it in this post), it happened only once. I tend to believe a big bang occurring only once is deliberate rather than random. Science organizes knowledge via testable explanations, so whatever way you slice it, science (as we know it so far) is not equipped to explain how we all got here.

If we evolved from monkeys (again, I'm not refuting that), then even the first cell or particle that evolved into a monkey must have come from somewhere. If it came from nothing then that happened only once. Why has such a thing happened only once? Why doesn't it just keep happening? Now you'll ask me where this 'God' came from if everything must have an origin. I don't know. Who knows, science may find that out before me because it is meticulous and methodical, but for now, it does not particularly know more than I do about what made that blob of nothingness suddenly change into the first atom or cell...it simply has not demonstrated it...yet.

Somehow, that origin has to be accepted by faith, no matter what the origin is. Mans' brain is too finite to grasp processes without beginning or end. That's where faith steps in. However, faith need not be blind. Faith can appreciate the signs and wonders around us. Faith can assume that if a process creates a computer program highly more advanced than any man can, then that process just might be more intelligent than man.

The creative process is believed to be either intelligent or not. Either belief needs some form of faith or the other. That statement is where objectivity ends. The subjectivity comes in the form of various religions that ascribe different attributes to the creator.

There are intelligent Atheists (evidenced by a high measurable IQ) and there are dumb Atheists, there are intelligent Christians and dumb Christians. There are intelligent Muslims and there are dumb Muslims. There are intelligent Buddhists and dumb Buddhists. Some of these people, I know personally, and some of those, are friends whom I love.

So faith really has little to do with intelligence and intelligence need not fly out of the door when faith is introduced.


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