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Suggested Improvement to Facebook Group Admins

I'm back again, and Facebook (FB) should listen this time because they end up implementing my suggestions anyways.

For shame! FB does not allow one to send messages to only the administrators (moderators)  of a group. The closest FB comes to this is a feature available to only small groups.

What does FB mean by "small groups"? Apparently only groups with 50 members or less count as small groups.

This won't do FB. We're not able to move as fast with our four-hundred-or-so-member groups because we can't rally the administrators (admins) conveniently. Imagine having to create a new message list of recipients every time you want to reach twenty group admins (Yes some groups need that many admins...even more). 
I guess, once one has created such a message the hard way, one could keep that message thread going indefinitely, instead of needing to create a new message and painstakingly repopulating the recipients field. Unfortunately, such threads give recipients the…