Bring Back Daddy's Girls

illustration of man protesting against gender discrimination

These days when racism rears its ugly head, you will see people rise up and clamour against it.
Chances are, you'll see that the people complaining are are not defined by their race or gender but by their being non-racist (relatively speaking of course).

 So when gender discrimination rears its ugly malformed head, those clamoring should not be defined by their gender or race but by their being non-sexist (or non-ignorant-douchebags). Women should not form the majority of those campaigning against gender inequality. We men need to step up. I need to step up.

 But get this, this #BringBackOurGirls issue goes beyond gender discrimination right into general disregard for basic human rights. If some other deranged faction started kidnapping boys for whatever deranged reason, should majority of the protesters be male?

If we equally campaign against removal of a fuel subsidy, or the change of the name of a university, we should equally campaign against this...even more so.

 Don't worry, it shouldn't affect our man-cred to fight for our mothers and sisters and daughters :)


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