Super hero finally meets his match!

We return now to our hero, the Super Duper Diaper Buster Extraordinaire. Fully recovered from his last ordeal except for some scars and a limp.
If you know not the ordeal to which we refer, you probably need to visit this page and this page but here is a quick update:
The Super Duper Diaper Buster is rumored to be so powerful, he can bust diapers with one hand while photoshopping with the other. He has used his incredible super powers to defeat such nemeses as the wily one…the Sneaky-Leaky Squirty Diaper, and the fearsome one the Perpetual Dr Doo!

Our hero battered and bruised, yet always the wiser for his encounters, now possesses a utility bag of tricks. He is so improved in efficiency he has made short work of the likes of mad scientist, Professor Lukas Pukem and the opportunistic Prankster P, who sneaked in a cheap blow or two whenever our hero was distracted by a diaper. Even the eccentric Billionaire, Flex Glutor had to resort to cheap tricks. He introduced the Adult Doo, a greenish fragment of igneous rock that glowed with radiation toxic enough to kill our hero. Our hero's simple but effective solution was to reduce exposure by first making himself scarce and then returning with a lead suit. Of course he had to fly blind for a few minutes but what's a few damaged buildings when the future of the entire world is at stake eh?

Of all our hero's numerous encounters, one in particular will always stand out. The day he met with the Piercing Banshriek! This antagonist used a destructive high pitched noise to paralyze our hero. Try as he may, he could not subdue this enemy whose powers were based on magic. Conceding to the reality that he could not 'cure' this disease, he resorted to palliative measures that would reduce the frequency of the wails which were leaving a flurry of destruction in their wake. He tried surrounding the banshee with Controlled Resonance Iron Bars which successfully imprisoned the creature but could not reduce the sound which in fact worsened. His next resort was to transport the creature far far away to Brutally Evapotranspired Desertland, where he noticed that the heat seemed to reduce the sound. He then contained the creature with his near indestructible cape only to find the shrieks replaced by a contented coo. It then dawned upon him that the high frequency of the wail was a function of the creature's youth rather than gender.

The day is saved and our hero is hale except for a slight but permanent ear damage which causes him to faintly 'hear' the banshee's wails even while in the shower. Damage which only serves as an extra chevron on our hero's rank insignia. Our hero who will now be referred to as...the Super Duper Diaper Buster and Master Swaddler Extaordinaire!

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  1. lwkmd! good match indeed for the superman, you've got to double up your wings.


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