Super Hero Episode IV: A New Phantom Menace

Hello fans of super heroes worldwide,
I trust that you have kept abreast of the exploits of our hero, The Super Duper Diaper Buster, and Master Swaddler Extraordinarie!
If perchance you have not, I suggest you click on the following links. I assure you we shall wait patiently for you to catch up.

There, now that we are all on the same page...

...we return to the Super Duper Master who can change diapers with one hand while photoshopping with the other. He has successfully figured out how to deal with Phage, a mysterious creature who at first seemed to be a ruthless omnivore. Through diligent scientific study, our hero was able to decipher that not all of this creature's victims were hapless meals, rather, many where highly esteemed entities which sparked Phage's curiosity to no end. Our hero discovered that Phage learns not by reading his subject but by eating it.
Verdict: Phage is relatively harmless as long as he is monitored and prevented from devouring more sensitive entities...besides our hero is going to be kept busy by a new menace.

Enter, Mace Ambu Nimbu Limbu, the evil force from the dark side who imbues the infant with adventurous limbs which flail about randomly, disruptively, and potentially harmfully as the infant is further exposed to toxic substances. These limbs disrupt our hero's attempt to change the infant. This disruption is so strong that even our hero's physical strength is not enough to subdue it with one hand. Our hero, once again, is forced to think on his feet. He knows he needs help so he employs the services of androids known as DistracToyds. Which hover around the infants upper limbs thus distracting him long enough to be changed. This measure while ingenious was not always reliable. Eventually, our hero had to swallow his pride and seek the help of Super Duper Fix-it-upper Diva. Together they are surely able to subdue Mace Limbu...but this is not expected to last for too long as his force keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Once again our hero saves the day, somewhat, but he can no longer boast of being able to Photoshop and change diapers at the same time.

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