Stop 'Waisting' Food! You Have My Blessing.

Have you ever found yourself trying to force yourself to finish all the food on your plate simply because you're reminded of images of near-death-starving children in less privileged situations? You feel that pouring that food away while others are starving makes you nothing short of a devil so you stuff your body with unneeded calories. Problem is, instead of refrigerating or dumping the leftovers in the trashcan, you dump them in your body, hence making your body the trashcan.

Your body, 'thinking' you're storing up for a rainy day, converts the excess food into fat.
You then either live with the untoward effects on your body or you go through weight loss regimens to 'burn' the fat into energy that is at best, for only your benefit. Thus, you 'burn' the leftovers that may have fed a hungry alley cat or better still been used to nourish the soil to grow food that can be shipped to starving children (this of course assumes that you're eating healthy food to begin with). Science at a most elementary level teaches that matter is usually neither created nor destroyed so it either exists as trash/fertilizer/manure or as decide.

I'll make the decision easy for you. Wasting of food does not start when you throw it in the trash. It starts when you take the first bite out of a serving of food that is larger than needed.
Solution: Serve what you think you can finish, then cut in half! Usually that half is all your body needs (especially with a generous helping of drinking water), but if you feel you need more, you can go for the other half...but you have to cut that half in half...and so on until you can finish the meal with a clear conscience.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing, the author of this article has a pot belly!


  1. We happen to be living in a period of time where people are becoming more selfish and unloving! It would be nice for people to change their attitude and everyone would benefit in society. There is enough resources for every persons need, but not everyones greed!


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