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The End of Annual Contracts.

Today, T-Mobile announced a brand new no-annual-contract plan on their blog.

This move (along with the earlier news of AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile), just points to my theory that the age of annual contracts is over. This is an extension of a theory that had me predicting a couple of years ago, that the most expensive phone call we will ever make will cost no more than the equivalent of 8 US Cents per minute, no matter what the distance between the speakers is.

Recently I have extended that theory to predict that paid texts/SMS will soon be a thing of the most, two more years (the time it should take for all phones/packages to have the ability to send e-mails). It shouldn't take man much longer to figure out that e-mails which cost next to nothing compared to texts, can send attachments and do not have absurd character limitations.

Back to my post title, the age of two-year contracts is not compatible with the internet age. The fact that you sucker...em...I mean l…

Quick One! Hiding in Plain Site

Hiding in plain site is definitely the way to go.

I, for one, just discovered that the number of 'o's in the word 'Google' at the bottom of a Google search page correspond to the number of pages highlighted via links. So if the bottom shows links to 7 pages (say, 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 , 6, 7,), it will spell Gooooooogle (seven o's). Also I didn't notice that the red 'o' corresponds to the page position you're currently on. So if you are on the third page highlighted, the third 'o' will be red.

So is it spelled 'Gogle' when there is only one search page? just omits the 'Google' and the page links at the bottom.

Ok back to work.