What if...Your Name is Valerie...and Uber Radio

What if your name is Valerie and you hail an Uber ride and as you get in and shut the door, Amy Winehouse's (sorry Mark) version of The Zutton's "Valerie" comes on? You know because Uber has some special deal with Spotify where drivers have access to a premium subscription while on an active drive.

Still not impressed?

Okay what if your favorite...no scratch that...your most favoritest (favoritestest?) song comes up? You know, because Uber has allowed you create a playlist on its servers that it streams via fairy dust and rainbows to the driver's car speakers.

Still not impressed?

Okay what if you hear a radio station where up-to-the-minute local whether and traffic conditions (plus breaking news relevant to you in particular) are being read by a Siri-like voice? You know, because magic.

Still not impressed?

Never fret. The self-driving cars will be ready for deployment in our lifetime. Sheesh.

PS. If you look hard enough, you'll find people attempting to provide such magical-ish solutions on the internet. An example is Uberstations (no relation to Uber...as far as I know).


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